Unified Identification Code and Digital Economy Seminar Successfully held in China

The “Unified Identification Code and Digital Economy Seminar” was held in Wuhan, China on August 12, 2023. The theme of this conference is “Beyond the boundary and Create the Future through Numbers”, which aims to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the digital economy and strengthen industrial cooperation and exchanges.

At present, human society is undergoing a wave of digital transformation, and the world’s developed economies are scrambling to accelerate the industrial layout of the digital economy. As a key force reshaping the global economic structure and competition pattern, digital identity is becoming the basic technology for the development of digital industry, the key strategic fulcrum of the reconstruction of the global value chain, a new engine to boost global economic growth and industrial digital transformation, and a key starting point to realize the right of data elements, circulation, transaction and value release. ZIIOT is a global code distribution organization headquartered in China, whose self-developed MA unified identification code system can assign the world’s unique digital identity to tangible or intangible objects in the real world and the virtual world, which is the foundation of the Internet of everything. At the conference, a famous economist pointed out that the development of the digital economy needs a large number of common key technologies, to strengthen the underlying design, actively lead the formulation of the root standard of the digital economy, and play a greater role in the global value chain. Zhang Chao, secretary-general of the International Identification Code Industry Alliance (ICA) and president of the Zhongguancun Industrial Two-dimensional Code Technology Research Institute (ZIIOT), made a special report entitled “Building Digital identity Critical Infrastructure”, pointing out that identification code is the “root” of the digital economy, and introduced the progress of MA identification code to build digital identity infrastructure.

During the conference, the signing ceremony of China’s first “MA Digital Root Industrial Base” landing in China was held, and the MA unified identification code number root industrial engine was used to promote the in-depth application and orderly development of the Internet of Things and the industrial Internet, and promote the acceleration of the upstream and downstream industrial chain. The construction of MA digital root industry base will also establish a global collaboration platform for international cooperation, effectively promote the innovation and standardization of global digital root industry technology, improve the uniformity and universality of digital identity standards, and jointly create a prosperous global digital economy and intelligent society. At the same time, the construction ceremony of the five comprehensive first-level node of MA identification code of China region was held during the conference, which marks the formation of the comprehensive first-level analysis node framework of MA identification code system in China region, and opens a new chapter in the development of MA unified identification code industrial application.

During the conference, ZIIOT signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Asian Branch of the Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility (AIM Asia), and the two sides will strengthen exchanges and business coordination with relevant international organizations and relevant organizations in other countries and regions through the combination of their respective advantages and industrial resources, and promote mutual recognition of standards and international connectivity of standards in the field of Automatic Identification Technology.

Figure 2: Cooperation signing ceremony

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