AIM has been creating and maintaining standards for over 35 years.  AIM is often responsible for “the first step” in the creation of standards for the industry.  

Starting with the barcode standards, AIM’s Technical Symbology Committee (TSC) created the standards that were submitted to ISO as the basis for the ISO standards we use today.  Since then, AIM’s committees, including the RFID Experts Group (REG),  have created and submitted many standards to the ISO world.
AIM standards are the result of significant work by one or more of the technical workgroups which make up AIM’s industry groups.  The final product from the industry groups can take the form of:

  • Technical Report
  • Technical Specification
  • Implementation Guide​

In many cases that have relevance to a larger audience, once an AIM standard has been finalized and approved by the AIM Board it is then routed through ANSI for consideration followed by a recommendation to become an ISO standard.

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