Seagull Scientific’s
Keynote at AIDC Connect Asia 2023

From RFID to Cloud Labeling: 

A Holistic Approach to Cost-Saving in AIDC

Mr. Eric Chiu
Sales Director | BarTender by Seagull Scientific


As industries digitize, they increasingly look to Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) for efficiency. This presentation, “From RFID to Cloud Labeling: A Holistic Approach to Cost-Saving in AIDC,” explores cost-effective implementation of two key technologies: RFID and cloud labeling.

RFID excels in asset tracking but often faces initial cost concerns. This segment will clarify RFID’s ROI, emphasizing that long-term gains often justify initial investments. Examples of successful RFID use in inventory and tracking will be discussed.

The presentation will also cover the integration of RFID and cloud labeling for maximum efficiency and cost-saving. By combining the real-time tracking capabilities of RFID with the centralized management of cloud labeling, companies can reduce both operational and capital costs. We’ll introduce frameworks for smooth integration and discuss common challenges and their solutions.

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