New member Announcement – Rice Microelectronics

Welcome to AIM Asia, Rice Microelectronics !


Established in 2010 by industry professionals holding doctoral degrees and substantial experience in the United States, Rice Microelectronics Inc. is devoted to pioneering research and development in smart identification technology.
Since its founding, Rice Micro has remained steadfast in its commitment to the corporate vision of “One thing, one code, one chip, and one image.” Guided by the mission encapsulated in “Enabling Efficiency,” the company is driven by a dedication to excellence. Rice Micro specializes in delivering the Combo Smart Identification (CSID) solution, seamlessly integrating both Auto-Identification and Visual-Identification solutions.
In the realm of Auto-ID products, Rice Micro offers RFID tag and reader ICs, smart cards, labels, and readers. Notably, their emphasis lies in in-house IC and antenna design, coupled with over a decade of established industry manufacturing capability. The Visual-ID products encompass low-power, reconfigurable visual ICs, and lightweight AI algorithms.

We are delighted to welcome Rice Micro as a valued member of the AIM Asia community and eagerly anticipate the collaborative journey that lies ahead.

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