MA Identification System: Global River Network Industry-Root-Node Launching Ceremony at Tsinghua University

On November 10th,  the “MA Identification System Water Conservancy Application and Development Seminar cum MA Identification System Global River Network Industry-Root-Node Launch Ceremony” was held in Tsinghua University. Mr.Wang Guangqian, academician and Vice President of Tsinghua University, attended and delivered a speech.

Mr.Wang Guangqian pointed out that the Department of Water Resources of Tsinghua University established the global river network identification system and provided river network data and identification parsing services to the world in combination with the MA identification system, which is a concrete measure to implement the China Government’s visions and improve the technical originality and data autonomy, and will provide strong support for the smart water conservancy business and the construction of the digital circle of the Earth. Huang Wenyu, general director of Zhongguancun Industry & Information Research Institute of Two-dimensional Code Technology ( ZIIOT ) , said that the application of MA identification system in the river entity identity coding regulations and the construction of the Industry-root-node of the global river network is a beneficial practice of the active application of independent technology in the river entity identification in collaboration with the research team of Tsinghua University, and is willing to jointly contribute to the development of water resources in the era of digital economy.

In the conference, “the MA Identification System Global River Network Industry-root-node Launch Ceremony” is held, and “the River Entity Identity Coding Regulations” is issued.

Vice President Mr.Wang Guangqian and general director Huang Wenyu jointly unveiled the authorization certificate of “MA.1002” of the Industry-root-node of Global River Network identification.


At the meeting, Zhang Chao, president of ZIIOT, introduced the development trend of the global identification code industry and the application of MA identification system domestic and overseas based on Unified Identification Code Registration Management Center ( UTC Global ) . Li Tiejian, associate researcher of the Department of Water Resources of Tsinghua University, introduced the extraction, coding and data service technology of Tsinghua University’s global river network. Experts such as Liu Po, Associate Researcher of Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping, Zhang Xu, deputy director of China Industrial Internet Research Institute, Fu Yiming, Assistant director of China Information Security Research Institute, and Li Jiaye, Associate Professor of Dongguan University of Technology Key Laboratory of Engineering Software, jointly shared and discussed the code parsing rules, application status and future development of MA identification system in natural resources, industrial Internet, information and innovation, river network and water conservancy and other industries.

Zhang Chao, Li Tiejian, Fu Yiming, Zhang Xu, Liu Po and Li Jiaye spoke respectively


According to the introduction, “the River Entity Identity Coding Regulations ” regulate the structure and content of river entity identity coding, based on Tsinghua University binary tree river network coding and MA identification system to achieve a unique global coding for each river entity. The construction of MA identification system as the Industry-root-node of global river network ( the Industry-root-node code is MA.1002 ) will give full play to the important value of MA identification system in coding and parsing, realize the river entity data and functional services with the characteristics of global uniqueness and correlation extension, and lay the foundation for the construction of data base of intelligent water conservancy and digital circle.

The launch of the Industry-root-node of the global river network of MA identification system marks that MA identification code system has entered a new stage in the collaborative development of the Industry-university-research-application. Tsinghua University has incorporated the unified identification code into teaching, scientific research and application practice, which will inject innovative vitality into the development of MA identification code system. It will enhance the scientific and technological innovation ability and core competitiveness of MA identification code system and promote the globalization of MA international identification standards.

Chairman of the Board Zhang Yi and Chief Executive Officer Song Xiaowei of Unified Identification Code Registration Management Center ( UTC Global ) attended the meeting.




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