AIDC Connect Asia 2023

First organized in Asia Pacific, AIDC Connect Asia 2023 is the largest and highest level of industry summit in the Automated Identification Field.

In response to global digitalization, and the rapid growing trends in Automation, Big Data Intelligence, Digital Economy; AIDC Connect Asia 2023 brings together the wisdom and cohesion of the AIDC community, to construct a common platform and build a better future for the connected world.

With VIPs and invited speakers from Government agencies, Heads of International Standards Associations, Industry Leaders, Business Leaders, IEEE Scholars and Experts in AIDC field.

Join us to meet with fellow members from the AIDC industry for opportunities to network and in-depth discussion and brainstorm on key topics such as AI, Blockchain, Metaverse, RFID, IoT, Smart Nation, Cybersecurity etc.

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