Keynote at AIDC Connect Asia 2023

Battery-Less UHF RFID Sensors

Mr. Frederic Maricourt 
Sales Director | ASYGN


Holding Microelectronics Master from Paris University– 35 years experience in the Semiconductor field through several positions as Technical Marketing, Sales and Business Development in top Companies like STMicroelectronics, ON Semiconductor. On board with Asygn since 2021 to expand RFID sensor activity and build strategic partnerships in the Ecosystem


Asygn showcases a unique and innovative passive UHF RFID sensor IC family for Industrial IoT. This is the world first fully passive IC embedding sensors and acquisition interface for both resistive and capacitive sensors. Typical measurement parameters are Temperature, Relative Humidity, Strain, Ambient Light, Pression, Hall Effect, …Beside, there is also the capability to connect the RFID chip to an external sensor. These components are fully compliant with RAIN RFID protocol meaning no need for any special sequence or custom commands. This is directly interoperable with already existing deployed infrastructure with a communication range of 7 meters with standard tags form factor. It allows to make any sensor transferring data using a standardized protocol widely used in the Industry. Asygn AS321x family is hence targeting multiple use cases where battery-less is a key advantage: predictive maintenance on Construction and heavy industrial equipments, medical implants and bandages, Agriculture, food chain, smart Logistic, Automotive,…Asygn has built numerous partnership with tag manufacturers and Solution Providers so to bring full sensing solutions to stakeholders in those markets.

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