AIM Global Board of directors and AIM Asia President Dr. Anna Lau visited GS1 China and AIM China

AIM Asia president Dr. Anna Lau together with Prof. Kam Weng Tam from University of Macau (board member of AIM Asia and Wenli Huang-(Chief China Representative of Aim Asia) visited GS1 China/AIM China in the Beijing headquarter. GS1 China director Dr. Zhang Chenghai, Tang Cheng-Deputy Secretary-General of AIM China and Yan Rouyun- Deputy Director of Quality Inspection Department welcome Dr. Lau and her accompanies.

Zhang Chenghai introduced the establishment and development of Aim China. Dr. Lau expressed her appreciation and affirmation for the crucial role played by AIM China and GS1 China in the automatic identification technology industry, and for their active participation and support for AIM Asia. She then proceeded by inviting both parties for the upcoming events. The two parties exchanged their views on the establishment of the AIM Asia Macau Test Center. Dr. Lau stated that the test center is planned to be in Macau, which could provide the services of RFID and other reader/tag standard testing, where the work could be on the RFID system for retail, tourism, healthcare or Aviation from the hardware and tags perspective while conducting the standard testing according to the International standards.

She hopes that AIM China and GS1 China would support the establishment of AIM Asia test center, and together, by the foundation of “National Laboratory” to support AIM Asia testing laboratory for supporting the international role. Zhang Chenghai accorded with the plan and reassured that he would endeavor to support AIM Asia in accordance with relevant domestic management regulations.

The two parties had exchanged their views on other related matters.

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