AIM ASIA Product Showcase 2023: EM Microelectronic em | bleu

Billions of Bluetooth connected devices being rolled out every year with two known challenges to overcome:

  • First, these devices are expected to continue operating on a single charge-battery or harvesting surrounding energy
      • Hence, there is a pressing needs to continue for lower power consumption or being efficient in power management
  • Second, these devices are physically small in sizes thus, the room for chip is limited
      • Being tiny is critically important to ensure the design being esthetics & remain functional

Introducing em | bleu, a versatile single chip Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solution for Bluetooth connected devices

  • With True Ultra Low Power performance to sustain lightweight applications & always ready-to-use
      • Suitable for device demanding long lifetime with coin or button-cell batteries, even applications based on energy harvesting:
  • Tiny as a pen tip, em | bleu is the smallest BLE chip that will literally fit anywhere in the design
      • Tiniest footprint on the market.
  • Versatile communication protocols
      • Robust RF performance for transferring large amounts of data in noisy environments, & over long distances

Learn more: em | bleu (EM9305) | EM Microelectronic




  • 首先,这些设备能够在单次充电电池或者能量收集的环境下持续工作
      • 因此,低功耗和有效的电源管理显得至关重要
  • 其次,这些设备一般都非常的小,所以对于芯片的尺寸要求就非常的严苛
      • 所以,芯片足够微小就理所当然,以便保证产品外观的美感的同时功能完备

隆重推荐EM BLE芯片 bleu, 八面玲珑的单芯片解决方案,蓝牙连接设备的优选方案

  • 为轻量级应用和常在线设备提供超低功耗解决方案
      • 适用于使用纽扣电池或能量收集方案提供超长时间服务的应用
  • 笔尖般大小的 em | bleu 理论上可以设计进任何尺寸的设备
      • 市面上最小占地面积的芯片
  • 支持多种通信协议
      • 长距离及复杂环境下强健的大量数据传输的射频性能

更多详情请访问: em | bleu (EM9305) | EM Microelectronic

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