AIM ASIA Product Showcase 2022: Smooth & Sharp D.O.P (Direct On Paper) RFID Antennas

Smooth & Sharp Corporation (S&S) started the Smartcard business in 2003, the product roadmap expanded to RFID and IOT afterwards. Beside the conventional RFID inlay and label production, S&S developed sustainable RFID antenna – DOP, Direct On Paper RFID antenna since 2015.

DOP is the only ISO certified biodegradable RFID antenna in the worldwide RFID supply chain, it provides the fundamental part for a biodegradable RFID label. DOP RFID antenna passes RoHS , REACH, ISO 16929 Disintegration test and ISO 14855-1 Biodegradability test.

DOP, Direct On Paper RFID antenna is an alternative solution to meet your SDG and ESG goal, when RFID label is indispensable for you.

For more detailed information, please contact S&S at

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