About Haijiao Technology

Creating Ecosystem of Technology & Talent

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Hangzhou, China, Haijiao Technology is committed to
providing the whole process of innovation and entrepreneurship services for overseas
technology talents, including recruitment, consulting, introduction, incubation, investment,
etc., aiming to establish a complete closed-loop ecosystem—”from service to creation” in
technology and creating an ecosystem of technology & talent.

The company is actively laying out the global talent market, setting up branches in the
United Kingdom, Singapore and other countries, and linking with over 10 domestic
subsidiaries in Zhejiang,Shandong and Jiangsu,through high-end overseas talents from
various industries and in-depth exchange activities with domestic platforms as a bridge to
promote the “dual circulation” of talent, technology, and industry and to create a mutually
beneficial and interactive development.

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